Monday, 26 January 2009

Call for Featured Research Papers

Sessions: October 27-31, 2009
Proposal Deadline:
February 14th, 2009

Invitation To Present

As a premier professional organization in the field of teaching, learning, and technology, AECT actively fosters the dissemination of pertinent research findings. In order to encourage a greater number of high-quality research paper presentations at our annual convention, the Research & Theory offers Feature Research Paper sessions for data-based research studies.

The Sessions

  1. On each of the three days of concurrent sessions of the Louisville Convention (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), one 60-minute session will be devoted to presentation and discussion of two Featured Research papers. These sessions will be highlighted in the program.
  2. Each presenter will have 15 minutes to present a paper, followed by 5 minutes of question-and-answer with attendees. The discussant will have 15 minutes to offer a critique, comments, and synthesis of the papers followed by discussion.

Nature of the Studies

  1. Featured Research papers will describe recently completed research studies that have not been published in a journal article nor presented at a conference.
  2. These papers may describe studies that were primarily quantitative, qualitative or that involved the use of mixed methods.
  3. In all cases, the studies must have involved the collection of data. Historical research, reviews of the literature (other than meta-analyses), papers describing theories unaccompanied by data, and other non-data-based papers will not be considered for this special strand. (This is not intended to devalue such research, however. It simply means such work does not meet the targeted goal for this year's Featured Research papers.)
  4. Studies must have already been conducted and the data already analyzed at the time a proposal is submitted.

Submission Differences

  1. Submission Deadline:February 14th, 2009. You must submit your proposal using the online submission form. Make sure you identify your proposal as being for a Featured Research paper. Read the guidelines for electronic submissions.
  2. Enter your proposal in the online proposal form, following the directions provided. After you submit your proposal, you will receive electronic notification that it has been received. The peer review process begins shortly after the submission deadline.

Notification of Acceptance as a Featured Research Paper

Authors of accepted Featured Research papers must submit their full papers to their discussant/facilitator by midnight September 1, 2009. Authors who fail to submit their paper by this deadline will not be allowed to present their paper at the conference and will not appear in the convention program as a Featured Research paper.

Papers not accepted for Featured Research will be forwarded to an appropriate division for consideration.

Given the concentrated effort and commitment of a large number of people that goes into one being accepted into the Featured Research Program, presenters should make certain they can attend. Since there are limited slots for the Featured Research Papers in Louisville 2009. It would be a shame to have fewer people present.

As is true for all convention presentations, presenters must obtain written permission to use copyrighted photos, music, and the like in their sessions. In addition, all presenters are expected to follow the AECT Code of Ethics found on the AECT Web site (


Presenters are required to assume responsibility for all costs associated with the presentation, including convention registration, travel, lodging, handout materials.


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