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Dean and Sybil McClusky Research Award

The ECT Foundation's Dean and Sybil McClusky Research Award is presented to honor the most outstanding doctoral research proposal in educational technology, as selected by a jury of researchers from the Research and Theory Division of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT).

The awardee receives a cash award of $500 with a plaque of achievement presented during the awards ceremony at the 2010 annual convention to be held October 26-30, 2010 at Hyatt Regency Orange County, Anaheim, California.


F. Dean McClusky was a professor of education at the University of California, Los Angeles. A prolific writer and researcher in the educational communications and technology field, he established his reputation with publications such as Audio-Visual Teaching Techniques, the A-V Bibliography (1950) which contained more than three thousand references to literature dealing with the use of audio-visual materials and techniques in education, and The Audio-Visual Reader (1954), a collection of readings in the visual education field co-edited with James S. Kinder, who was the coordinator of AV Services at San Diego State College. McClusky's wife, Sybil Kemp McClusky, working as his editorial assistant, offered constructive criticism and proofread manuscripts.

In 1976 the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) posthumously awarded McClusky its Distinguished Service Award, recognizing his outstanding leadership in advancing the theory and practice of educational communications and technology over a substantial period of time. The Dean and Sybil McClusky Research Award for an outstanding doctoral research proposal was established with funds donated to the ECT Foundation by Dean and Sybil McClusky, an expression of their commitment to the future leaders of the field.


Submitted proposals may follow acceptable formats of individual schools but must include at least:

  1. The definition of the problem including a statement of significance.
  2. A review of pertinent literature.
  3. Research hypothesis to be examined.
  4. Research design and procedures including statistical techniques.

Applicants are encouraged to review pages 157-161 of Isaac, Stephen and Michaels, William B., Handbook in Research and Evaluation, Robert R. Knapp, San Diego, CA 1971.

Applicants must be presently enrolled in a doctoral program in educational technology and have obtained committee acceptance of their proposal.

Intention Statement:

The winner will be expected to sign a statement of the effect that he/she will complete the proposed doctoral study in accordance with the sponsoring university's graduate school policies (including any time limitations) or be required to return the award received.

Submission Procedure:

Prepare a cover letter that briefly discuss the background of your research project and include both yours and you advisor's contact information. Your proposal must be within 2000 words. The title page and the references are not included in this word count. Make sure that you address the criteria for this award in your proposal.

Please send your cover letter and proposals to AECT Research and Theory Division Past President David Moore moored3@ohio.edu


Deadline for nominations is June 1, 2010.


For more information please contact David Moore at moored3@ohio.edu


The ECT Foundation is the non-profit organization that carries out the purposes and programs of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) that are charitable and educational in nature. The awards given through the ECT Foundation promote scholarship and leadership in the field of educational communications and technology. Because it is a non-profit organization, all donations to the ECT Foundation are tax-deductible. Financial gifts to support its many programs are welcome. For additional information or to make a donation, write to ECT Foundation, c/o AECT, 1800 N. Stonelake Dr., Suite 2, Bloomington, IN 47404.


The Division of Research and Theory of the Association for Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) improves the design, execution, utilization, evaluation, and dissemination of audio visual communications research; advises educators on the effective utilization of the results of the research; and promotes applied and theoretical research on the use of media. A jury of researchers from Research and Theory will select the winner(s) of the Dean and Sybil McClusky Research Award.

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