Thursday, 24 October 2013

AECT Conference 2013 RTD Thursday Sessions

Thursday, October 31

RTD session  Examining Higher Education Innovations 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. , 2nd Level - North, Salon 

Come to  Lloyd Rieber, TJ Kopcha, and Brandy Walker’s presentation “Understanding University Faculty Perception about Innovation in Teaching and Technology”.  Using  innovative Q methodology (a by-person factor analysis), researchers identified four different faculty’s profiles.

Come to Albert Ritzhaupt and Brenda Lee’s presentation “Migrating Learning Management Systems: a case of two Large Public Universities”. Seeking to characterize facets of successfully migrating to a new LMS, researchers gathered in-depth qualitative data from individual across the university organizational structure: CIOs, academic technology officers, deans and department chairs, faculty, and students!

RTD session Mobile Learning Research 1:00 to 1:30, 2nd Level - North, Salon 5

What are perceptions of Dominican students and instructors on the use of educational use of cellphones? Come on Thursday 1:00 to 1:30 to Gisel Martz’s presentation “Perceptions of English language Dominican students on the use of cell phones as learning tools.” Using ethnographic case study, presenters gathered and analyzed rich data that want to share with you.

RTD session  Multimedia Learning Research  1:00 to 2:00, 2nd Level - North Salon 4

Does visual and kinesthetic learner-content interaction facilitated learning better, than visual interaction alone? Come to Daniel Hoffman’s session “Learning through Cross-modal Interaction in Digital Environments” to hear about impact of bodily experience on learning in digital learning environments!

Does verbal feedback accompanied by semantically related images benefit learning? Come to Albert Dieter Ritzhaupt and Villiam Kealy’s presentation “Impact of Supplementing Verbal Feedback with Pictures during Story Recall.” Using 4 Group Factorial Design, they sought to answer the question, whether adding pictures to verbal feedback improve learning.

RTD session Multimodal and Research Instrument Analysis 1:00 to 2:00,  2nd Level - North, Salon 8

Come to the first presentation, “Aligning with Ely’s Eight: A Second Look at the RIPPLES Survey”, to hear about the  more robust theoretical model and revised instrumentation for the integration of ePortfolios at one university. Presenters, Samantha Blevins and Jennifer Brill, will share the process, how they aligned RIPPLES survey model with Ely’s eight implementation conditions that are based on Diffusion Innovation theory.

In the second presentation “Applying multimodal analysis to examine a home page of web-based instructional material”, Hery The will demonstrate how to apply the multimodal transcription and text analysis to analyze the homepage of the Basic English Grammar course that was designed using three Web 2.0 applications

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