Thursday, 24 October 2013

AECT Conference 2013 - RTD Wednesday Sessions

Wednesday, October 30

RTD session Research on Inquiry and Problem-based Learning 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. TBD

In the first presentation, “Cultural Interpretations of Challenges Experienced by Asian Medical Students and Tutors During Their Problem-Based Learning,” you will hear about new challenges that Asian medical students experience in problem-based learning (PBL) and how those new challenges can be explained in light of  Hofstede cultural framework. experiences!’

If you want to know how effective can be inquiry based activities (Case Based Learning, Project Based Learning,  group discussion, etc.) in large-enrolment class environment with more than 100 students, come to the second presentation “College Students’ Perception of Inquiry-based Learning Activities in A Large-enrollment STEM Introductory Classroom.”

RTD session Issues in Pre-service Teachers Education and Peer Evaluation 2:15 to 3: 15 TBD

Are digital natives distinct from digital immigrants? Are they enough proficient with specific classroom technologies? Come to Taehyeong Lim, Ji Hei Kang, and Vanessa Dennen’s presentation  “Digital Natives as Preservice Teachers: Do They Have Necessary Technology Skills for a Career in Teaching?” 

Is peer evaluation valid and reliable. Is there differences between teachers’ and student’s assessment? Come to  Semiral Oncu and Adem Uzun’s session Exploration of Peer Evaluation through Text-Based Scenarios.” Using data from 131 participants, they tested quality of peer evaluation through text-based scenarios through an online survey.

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